Tricks to Establish a Successful Social Media Engagement Strategy

Since it was first introduced in the late 1990s, social media redefined how people interact and connect with people. As it grew, social media users are now able to share content, which affects how people see certain products and services.  Because of social media’s impact to its users, every business and company is now scrambling to add social media engagement in their marketing strategy. But, if you are still undecided upon using social media engagement marketing, here’s why you should consider it for your marketing strategy or at least speak with a leading digital marketing agency who can provide assistance:

  1. Any type of content can deliver traffic

When a business or company posts on their social media, it will get traffic. However, it is important that the content in question offers “meaningful engagement” so it can rank high in social media algorithms and get the right amount of traffic it needs. It must also inspire people to read and join in the discussions so it won’t be considered as a spam post.  2. Businesses can reach out to their clients faster in social media For many clients, they go to a business or company’s Facebook and Twitter pages to request for information, ask for assistance, or thank them rather than going to their websites. Thanks to new services in social media, businesses can respond to these clients faster and personalize their response catering to the client’s request.  Of course, it is crucial that businesses maximize these social media features and respond immediately to inquiries so their clients do not wait for a long time.  3. It boosts trust, loyalty and good reviews Social media users love to interact with the brands they love through social media. When a brand responds back and listens to the user’s comments, the user feels positive that their message is heard and in turn, boosts their loyalty and trust to the brand. If the brand responds negatively, however, it can also lead to others moving to another brand.  Social media also enables both companies and users an easier way to share information and interact. Fun engagement may even bring a brand up since many would share their response and turn it as a viral trend.  4. Businesses can learn directly from both current and potential customers For businesses who are new in the industry, using social media is great because it will help them understand what their clients want to see or experience. Social media users can comment on the products and services and businesses can use it as a benchmark on what they can improve.

Tricks to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

If you think your social media strategy is not working, you may need to revise the way you engage with the content you are getting, understand your statistics and write your content.  Here are some tricks you can try out to improve your social media engagement

  1. Reply to key conversations and organize your response to certain content

When you own a social media page, you need to be up-to-date with the “mentions” page so you can respond to key discussions. When dealing with your mentions tab, you should also know how to filter which ones are just regular conversation.  You can use social media management software like Sprout, Hootsuite or Buffer to organize your conversations. These software will help you respond to these conversations immediately, as well as sort out which mentions you need to respond to immediately. You can set up hashtags and keywords which the software will use to move conversations automatically based on their importance. They also have filters you can use to remove the spam conversations in your feed.  2. Revise the voice you are using on social media If you have a social media presence, you need to have a real voice in social media so people can trust you. If you automate your responses, people will find it hard to reach out to you and feel as if your responses are generic. It can be difficult to create a unique voice in social media that people will love. However, you can create one by settling into a specific persona, tone, language and purpose. You can also personalize the replies by adding a personal signature or using emojis. If you have a team working with you to sort out your social media, you can assign one person to handle those conversations so you have a uniformed tone.  3. Check your social media impact Every business or brand differs with their social media content and goals so your social engagement impact differs. If you want to see your social media impact, you can check how well your posts are doing every week and tally it to see if it is improving. The number of replies you send to your readers are also an indicator that your social media strategy is improving.  Social media will continue to grow as more people tune in online to connect with people and get information. As a result, businesses must take social media into account if they want to grow in this interactive world.

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