How to Do Your Digital Marketing Right

Are you doing your job as an efficient digital marketer? Did you get a digital marketer to help you with your SEO needs?

Whatever your situation is, you need to make sure that you as a digital marketer or that your hired digital marketer is helping you with your SEO (Search engine optimization). If your SEO strategy is not working, you may need to change your strategy or hire a new digital marketer. 

Here is a short guide on how you can practice good digital marketing and see if it is working for you if you hired one.


Is SEO/PPC Marketer Knows What He Is Doing?

It can be easy to tell if your SEO or PPC marketer is doing their job right or not. However, if you are new to using SEO, you may find it hard to spot. 

To determine if your SEO marketer is doing their job right, here’s a short checklist you can look at and apply:

  • Track your SEO reports – You need to make sure you have access to your SEO progress such as Google Analytics and other key tools your SEO marketer recommends. It must also be set up properly and the metrics are activated accordingly. Of course, you need to be familiar with regards to what metrics are there and which ones fit your business so you can understand if you are on track. 
  • Have a clear campaign theme – Whether you are doing SEO or PPC, you need to have a website that follows your campaign theme. It must have a structured landing page and an effective call-to-action campaign. The site must also be optimized to load fast so it can rank high in search engine results. 
  • Check your social media page setups – As a business or brand, you need to pay equal attention to your social media pages when it comes to promoting your content. However, the money you will use to promote in these pages must be reasonable, especially if one channel doesn’t offer the best results. If one channel can rake in a lot of impressions, you can add more funds for it. If one channel doesn’t bring in impressions, you can adjust your ad funds or stop it completely. 
  • Check the settings – You should take time to check your keyword usage, technical page issues, and advertisement strategy. If it is not working, you need to get your SEO marketer to fix it out or you may have to revise your strategy completely. 

How Can You Practice Good Digital Marketing as Digital Marketer

If you are a digital marketer, you need to give your all to become successful in it. Even if SEO marketing is now becoming popular since every business and brand is moving their attention online, you can’t earn high bucks immediately. People will look at your portfolio to see if your digital marketing skills are at par and if you will be able to give them the marketing success they are looking for. 

If you are new in the industry, avoid joining SEO agencies that promise that they can deliver top rankings. It is possible that these sites will pressure you to meet results, while others may be scam sites that can’t guarantee hits. With this said, if you are looking for a SEO marketer for your business, don’t pick SEO agencies that promise they will provide you with the hits because they may be scam sites. 

If you will be working as a freelance digital marketer, you can inquire with your clients about the recommendations they got from other digital marketers or digital agencies for the price they set. Once you know these details, you can provide your own recommendations and explain why your recommendation can provide clients the impressions they are looking for. You can also show comparisons with sites and show why your strategy will meet certain goals. 

Letting your clients know what each strategy does and how it will help them with their business goals will put their hearts at ease that you know what you are doing. This is also a plus for clients who are only using SEO for the first time and don’t have any comparisons to use to select their marketer. Your assistance can help them make the right decision in hiring you. 

It can be difficult to find good marketers nowadays especially now that SEO marketing is a must for businesses and companies. It is not a guarantee that marketers can provide immediate results given the competitiveness of the market today. But, if you get good marketers or you earn a supportive clientele, make sure to give out rewards to show your appreciation. When you do, marketers will ensure that the site and content they are marketing to the public gets the right hits and have more impact. 

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Start your journey today!

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